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Monday 20 June 2011

Falcon Comics-Blondie No.1

Presenting the first ever Blondie comic which was published by Falcon comics sometime in 1983.
More Information on Falcon comics and Blondie can be found in a wonderful write up by Hojo on his blog.


HojO said...

Thanks for this!do you have any other covers of Blondie??
I wonder why Falcon books are so hard to come by @old-book markets?? :/

PS - Between,do you collect other series besides Tinkle,Falcon,Star etc??I am particularly interested to know DC's batman-superman series(1st issue & their whole run)!I have few issues from '80s only.

Maverick said...

I have only one Blondie as of now.If i get anymore in the future,will definitely share them.

I collect everything of interest to me.Apart from the comics you have mentioned,I have a decent collection of Indrajals also.But have not shared any covers yet as almost all Indrajals are already available on the net.

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