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Sunday 10 March 2013

Chandamama-August 1991

Presenting another breathtaking cover from Chandamama.This time from August 1991. From my perspective,I am equally fascinated by the covers of comics,as much as the stories inside them.Two of my all time favorite comics with the most fascinating covers have to be early Tinkle and Chandamama issues.However,I feel the magic is missing in the covers of most publications these days,including that of above mentioned ones .What do you think?

Also,What is your favorite Indian comic with the best cover illustrations?

The rear cover carries a memorable advertisement from the 90's.Apart from being one of my favorite chocolates during my childhood,my attention is drawn towards the bunny teeth which was given free with with a pack of these cookies.These bunny teeth were a craze during my school days in the early 90's, with them being used to play ligh hearted pranks and a regular feature in fancy dress competitions and stage plays.Truly,such advertisements are priceless windows to the past.

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