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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tinkle No.21

Presenting a Tinkle comic cover after a gap of almost two years on this blog.I have already posted the first 20 Tinkle covers and this is issue No.21 published in August,1982.

Old Tinkle covers have got to be my all time favorite covers,mainly because one never knew what to expect in the next issue.Although they had their roster of characters like Tantri the Mantri,Suppandi,Shikari Shambu.etc, there were still many unique folktales and Reader contributed stories each week.Infact,I think Tinkle pioneered the concept of user generated content in India, decades before the advent of the Internet.Anyways, unique blend of stories and folktales each week meant that the cover was gonna be unique each week as well, with new set of characters and colors each week to quench the visual cravings of a die hard fan.

Although a big fan of Tinkle covers from the 1980's & 1990's,I somehow feel that the current Tinkle covers do not possess the same charm as their predecessors. Maybe it is because of the glossy finish as opposed to the matte finish of the earlier covers.Maybe its because some of the legendary illustrators of yesteryear are no longer with Tinkle or maybe its just pure unadulterated nostalgia which adds to the charm of old Tinkle covers!
What do you think guys?

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