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Saturday 24 May 2014

Rani Comics - Phantom - Ragasiya Poilice 000

Presenting the cover of the landmark  issue, which marked the first ever appearance of The Phantom in Rani comics. This was Rani comic No.141 and was published during the summer of 1990 (Month of May to be exact!). The comic is titled 'Ragasiya Police 000', which literally translates as 'Secret Police 000' in English


HojO said...

which story?? seems that story from either V25 N38-40 or that from V26 N24...forgot both titles!!

Maverick said...

Bang on Hojo! It absolutely is the story titled 'The Ghost's Verdict' which ran as three parts in Indrajal issues, Vol.25 No.38 to No.40 from September to October 1988!

Great guessing! :)

Rafiq Raja said...

Nostalgia couldn't be any higher. Thanks for sharing.

Maverick said...

@Rafiq- Evoking Nostalgia is one of the primary aims of this blog. I am happy that it is doing just that!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

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