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Friday 30 August 2013

Kiran Comics-Laurel & Hardy No.78

Presenting another cover from Kiran Comics Publications. This time its Laurel & Hardy No.78

Saturday 24 August 2013

Star Comics-Superman Vol.2 No.3

Presenting another epic cover from Star Comics featuring Superman and the Microwave -Man!!

Monday 19 August 2013

Chandamama-November 1972

And So They Followed! Presenting another captivating Chandamama cover.This time depicting the iconic scene from Robert Brownings 'The Pied Piper Of Hamelin'. While most images which I have glimpsed of this scene capture the piper as an young man, here the piper is depicted almost like an old witch,which is unique in a way.

The rear cover features an animal called Mormoset.Looks like its a hybrid of a monkey and a lion.Hence aptly nicknamed the Golden Lion Mormoset. Never heard of this before.I guess it just highlights the knowledge & educational value that magazines like Chandamama brought to Indian households during a period devoid of Cable Television and the Internet

Sunday 18 August 2013

Spectrum Comics-Modesty Blaise-The Prophets Of Doom

Presenting A suave Modestly Blaise cover from Spectrum Comics.Published in January 1986, this is issue No.6. This is also the first Modesty Blaise post in this blog.

Friday 16 August 2013

Madhu Muskaan No.35

Presenting another rare gem from yesteryear's, Madhu Muskaan. This is the first time that a Madhu Muskaan cover has been posted on this blog and this is Issue No.35 from the early 80's.The publishers had a weird way of chronicling the issues wherein only the date & month of publication was mentioned and not the year.The date on this comic is 1 December -15 December, indicating its fortnightly avatar.

To be honest with you guys,I had read just one Madhu Muskaan during my childhood which I stumbled upon in an old bookshop.Since then, I had been scouring and hoping to find more English copies but it was not until recently that I could find some. 

What drove me to post this particular comic cover was the cover itself! Onions,Onions, precious onions! With the prices of onions jetscellerating to stratopheric levels of Rs.80 just a couple of days back in many parts of the country, cant help but wonder whether this cover art was created today or in the early 1980's. Guess it reflects the volatile nature of onion as a commodity and how intensely important onion prices are, to everyday life in India.

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