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Wednesday 13 July 2011

Indrajal-Vaira Vazhipari / Sky High Piracy

Obliging to the request made by Hojo,I am posting a Tamil Indrajal,which incidentally is the very first Indrajal post of this blog.The issue is titled 'Vaira Vazhipari',which translates to 'Diamond Robbery' in english.This is issue No.173 in Tamil and was published on 1st June,1973.As of date,this is the only Tamil Indrajal I have in my collection.These have all but disappeared from the secondhand and pavement bookshops of Chennai.

Also presenting the English version of the above issue.The English issue was titled 'Sky High Piracy'.This was English issue No.183 and was published on the same date as the Tamil one,1st June,1973.


HojO said...

Nice!!Thanks for this unseen cover..
AS I had guessed,Tamil Indrajals were under publication from Jan,1965 that's why issue #11 was #1 for this version(10 less than original),so #183 becomes 173.
Bengali Indrajals were under pub. from Jan,1966 i.e. #23 was #1 in Bengali and #183 was #161!!

I donno when Tamil-Ijc stopped but it's quite shocking to learn that these aren't available in old markets!!

Maverick said...

Thanks for the great insights into the publishing history of Tamil and Bengali Indrajals.
Yes,its pretty alarming that Tamil Indrajals are nowhere to be seen in Chennai.No idea where they have all disappeared to.
Now,we all know that many comic enthusiasts have entire collections of English or Hindi indrajals ever published.Makes me wonder if any comic fan has the entire collection of Tamil indrajals that were published?Hopefully someone has.

HojO said...

I feel REALLY sorry to hear about Tamil Ijc's unavailability. :( I belive you should contact more old sellers!!might be a few of them have some??[Btwn,it was my DESIRE to collect ALL language-versions of Indrajal(few copies each) ever published!]

we all know that many comic enthusiasts have entire collections of English or Hindi indrajals ever published.

And Bengali too!! :)) I might still missing 20-30 odd copies and so many of my friends(i.e. we all have 700-750 Ijc each),but I know at least 1 collector personally who has ALL 780 Bengali Ijcs ever published in his collection!!:))I feel good about him as he's a lover of "Only Bengali Indrajal" and unlike us,DO NOT collect any other Bengali/English comics!

Actually,Bengali Ijcs ARE hugely popular here in Kolkata(for obvious reason),followed by old markets are filled with these(of course,since the last 2 years, things are NOT same due to extreme black-marketing,but before that you just had to visit there & could easily pick plenty of issues!!:)))

Maverick said...

WOW! Pleased to know that you have such a massive collection of ijc's.Congrats on having put together such a privileged collection! :)

Will keep trying to track down tamil ijc's.

HojO said...

Thanks.I also collect English version but since I've all Phantom strips 'print-out' in English(in the individual book format per strip),so stopped taking Ijc-Phantom's eng version.
Now, I majorly collect Mandrake's English version ,plus,whatever FG/Bahadur/Dara & Kirby I get!(Besides,I do collect Hindi ver. too,but only few as I hardly read this laguage!)

Maverick said...

That is a great phantom collection as well! congrats again!!Must have taken a great deal of effort getting them organised in individual books per strip.I love Rip Kirby and Flash Gordon stories too.

Comic World said...

A nice blog to discover and nice discussion going on also.
As Hojo already said i also wish to collect IJCs in all languages but prefer to collect English and Hindi.I may also be having a couple of Kannada issues as well.

Maverick said...

Hi CW,
Thanks for your very first comment on this blog.I am a big fan of your blog as well.Looking forward to hearing more suggestions and thoughts from you in the future as well.

HojO said...

@Maverik: Long time no see,eh?? Between,I have one query: is the above Ijc really in Tamil and not in other South Indian language?
Asking 'cos I just noticed an ad in the issue #352(Bahadur) where ToI announced that a NEW language will be introduced on 1980 and that is Tamil!!!
How Tamil be 'new' if that was from 1965???so what's the catch??

You will find the language name in the inside back-cover with issue number!

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