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Thursday 25 December 2014

Spectrum Comics- The Amazing Spiderman-The Deadly Mission

Presenting another rare comic cover from the Spectrum Stable. Published in September 1986, this is Issue No.23. 

This issue features an exciting story involving the 'FoolKiller' as the primary villain. For those who are not familiar with the 'FoolKiller', Wikipedia has a detailed entry about him (

As for the story itself, it originally appeared in the Amazing Spiderman issue No.225 which was published by the Marvel Comics Group in February 1982.A detailed review of this story can further be found on this link (


HojO said...

While I have seen 1000s of Indrajals in the market during the last 8-10 years,at least 10,000 if not more...BUT NOT a single Spectrum comics - the sister series by same publisher,ToI!!I wonder why?? did they published so less?? I yet to see a SC but yes,I have seen some e-versions and their presentation/get-up wasn't even 1/4th of Indrajal...

PS - Some of the SC heroes shud had been added in Indrajal directly,it was anyway an overly-attempt by ToI,to run a parallel series while they have a highly popular series running!!

Maverick said...

I agree Hojo, their short run probably has resulted in them being one of the rarest publications to find these days. I am lucky enough to have 20 different issues of Spectrum and hence we know that atleast 20 issues were published (If visitors here have more information on how many Spectrums were published in total, please feel free to share)

I also agree with your point that the Spectrum characters would have been better off being published in Indrajal.The latter being more popular those days probably meant that it would eat into Spectrums market share anyways. This I guess is equivalent to the IPhone cannibalizing the IPod these days, both of which come from the Apple Stable...Just like Indrajal and Spectrum, both of which had the same parent group in Times of India.

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