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Tuesday 21 June 2011

Rani Comics-Phantom-Rowdy Raja

Presenting the first ever Phantom comic of this blog and No,it is not from Indrajal or Diamond, but from the lesser known publication house from the south,Rani Comics.The literal English translation of the Tamil title of this comic comes to 'Rowdy Raja'.The cover is funny and at the same time captivating.This comic was published on September 16th,1998.
More information about Rani comics can be found in this exhaustive article penned down by Rafiq Raja in his blog,Comicology.The link to the article is given below.


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

"Lesser known publication from the South" - lesser known to who, may I ask?

I have been buying Indrajal comics from 1966 and Rani Comics from 1985 along with Vidyarthimithram comics. Please refrain from using such stuff such as "lesser known" etc when discussing stuff regarding languages and cultures unknown. What you have not heard or known is known, recognized and enjoyed by millions. By the same coin, many of the comics publishers mentioned by Anupam in his wonderful blog are "lesser known" to millions of comic lovers in the southern parts of India.

While on this subject of "lesser known" I am reminded of this story from Abu Dhabi a few years ago. Sylvester stallone and a few other Hollywood stars embarked there as part of the opening of their "Planet Hollywood" restaurant chain. Quite a few fans had gathered there to have a glimpse of these people. Suddenly the fans ran away to another portion leaving the Hollywood stars. When they enquired, Sylvester and gang were told that a "Lesser known" actor had just reached there and the fans were rushing off to see him. That "Lesser known" actor was our own Amitabh Bachchan.

Just a few thoughts.

Maverick said...

Hi Venkit,
Thanks for your first comments in this blog.Your thoughts are accepted with the utmost regard.But honestly,I dont know what other phrase I should have used,"Less famous?"No! coz Rani comics are famous and through the internet people all over the world recognize Rani comics.But when compared to Indrajal and Diamond,is'nt it really lesser known to most of the world?I am not saying Unknown.
Why drag region and culture into this? its about three publishing houses,thats all.
Moreover,I am from Tamilnadu and grew up reading these comics.Why should I undermine them?Infact,I felt really proud and happy when I posted this comic.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

What would be wrong with just "from the publication house from the south" ?

It would have conveyed the same meaning and effect without implying any undermining connotation.

No, there was nothing for you not to be proud or happy about your posting. I love the covers you post. So keep posting more.

Maverick said...

Glad to know you like my posts.Please continue to leave your thoughts and suggestions.There is so much to explore and learn about Indian comics.Looking forward to hearing from you often.

HojO said...

Thanks buddy for posting this one!I have seen this before,might be in deepwoods' Pahntom section!

And,while I don't want any controversy,Rani comics was undoubtedly good,but definetly "lesser known" when you compare these with Indrajal/DC.The ONLY reason is that they were 'regional' publicatin(not even had Eng counterpart),allmost like some of the famous Bengali comic-series are pretty 'lesser known' to those don't read Bengali,but very close to us!(like,I've posted some Phantom Bengali strips' in my blog from one magazine.These strips had superior inking(than Indrajal/DC) with unedited but before my posting, how many knew their exsistence??)
This IS pretty simple and nothing to related with culture/region etc!You publish books in ENGLISH and receive a national/international appreciation and vice versa,that's pretty simple!

Keep them coming..

AJAY said...

Maverick ! By chance I had met Mr ERBhoopathi in Hyderabad when purchasing some IJCs in year 2005 .
He told that his contribution in deep woods for providing information about
Rani comics . He also gave me some Phantom & Mandrake published in Rani comics , they were priced at Rs3/ but paper quality very poor . I sent some of these to my friends outside India who accepted with great happiness , they treated them like rare ones .

As we know every body minds if any thing is said about any one's language or place . I know once I got some zerox of some comics for somebody , later on shopkeeper increased zerox cost for comics on pretext on consuming more inks , that gentleman burst with anger about price rise .

I simply told it is rate , take or leave it . He commented badly about my place but once I asked about his place , he went totally mad .

So I totally agree with Venkit though your intentions were not to hurt any one's feeling.

Please post some comics too if you can manage


Anonymous said...

if you want to see covers of old manoj chitra katha / manoj comics then please visit

Maverick said...

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I am happy to see your first comments on this blog.Personally,I feel you are doing a great service to comic fans all over the world by posting comics on your blog.

I was looking at a digital medium to archive my collection when i decided to start a blog, which in serving my primary purpose would also quench the nostalgic and comic thirst of fellow netizens in a small way.

As far as this particular post goes,there was no intention to belittle or undermine anything.I have grown up with Rani comics and its very close to my heart.When I meant 'lesser Known',I did not mean unknown or lesser in stature. It is a fact that it is lesser known to most of the world when compared to the other two phantom publishers,Indrajal and Diamond.I am from Tamilnadu and I have very fond memories associated with Rani comics,but I am not offended by the phrase,'lesser known’. But then again,I understand that individual perceptions and opinions on a given matter differ and I respect that.

Looking forward to hearing from you more, as often as possible. There is a lively discussion going on about Falcon and AXA comics. Please leave in your thoughts and suggestions. With the vast knowledge you have about Indian comics, your inputs will be very valuable in understanding the intricacies of Indian comics better.

Maverick said...

Your sight looks Awesome!keep posting.

Maverick said...

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions.

Unknown said...

Appreciate it, Ample knowledge.

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