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Saturday 16 March 2013

Amar Chitra Katha-Echchama The Brave-No.265

Presenting another rare ACK cover published on 1st July,1982.The story itself is intriguing and depicts the power struggle for the throne of the Vijayanagar empire between Srirangaraya and Jaggaraya. The role played by Echchama, one of Srirangaraya's loyal commanders forms the essence of this story.

In many ways,this story reminded me of the US Television series,'Game Of Thrones'.


HojO said...

After Indrajal,the other comic series I loved was ACK!!Who can forget those Panchatantra,Jatak etc Indian folk-tales along with mythological stories??Also the stories on original Indian braves/famous persons were nice to read...
During my Indrajal hunts since mid 2000s,while I was crazy about Ijcs,would always pick few ACKs in my way.

PS = An off-topic.In those years,the other series I became fond with was Archie's old magazine(& digests) filled with funny tales of Riverdale's gang!:) Earlier I wasn't that much exposed with this series,and read only those 1-page sunday strips since mid '90s.

Maverick said...

@Hojo- Thanks for sharing your thoughts and nostalgia about this amazing publication.The amount of knowledge that I have gained from ACK is priceless.For Eg.The only knowledge I had about the Vijayanager empire before I read this book was about one of its greatest kings,Krishnadevaraya.Now I know about Echchama,Srirangaraya and Jaggaraya :)

I was exposed to ACK pretty early,through my school,where we had a dedicated Library period.During this period we used to go to our school library and choose any book and read.Not to mention,everyone rushed to lay their hands on the comics rack! I think we had Tinkle,ACK,Wisdom and Gokulam in our school library.The latter two being Childrens magazines published in Chennai.

I was drawn to Archies towards the later part of my school days and was addicted to mainly Jughead during my college days :).Now,its my younger brother who is hooked on to these comics! :)

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