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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Keep Busy Comics - Dovey - Adventures of Dovey

Presenting another interesting cover from a rare Indian Publication. This time it is Keep Busy Comics. This particular comic was their first ever issue and was released to coincide with the 1987 Reliance Cricket World Cup which  was held in India and Pakistan.

A Teaser for a subsequent issue

The storyline itself is pretty simple and features a Peace loving Dove called as Dovey as the central character. Dovey resides in the clouds and appears on Earth from time to time to vanquish hatred from the hearts of the people and spread Peace among them. In this story, Dovey plays guardian angel to a kid named Anik, who is targeted by an evil hawk named Chonchi, the arch enemy of Dovey!

Dovey also has special interest in Cricket and it is reflected in the comic Logo, which states 'Cricket for Peace'. This comic was published in May 1987

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