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Monday 5 September 2011

50th Post !! :)

  After a considerable  gap ,I am pleased to present the 50th post of this blog,something which I never foresaw  would happen when I first started this blog as a medium to digitally archive my collection of comics.The support and patronage of fellow comic enthusiasts has been encouraging and the number of unique visitors who arrive each day from various parts of the globe has added a 'thrill' element in running this blog.As of today,visitors from 46 countries have passed by this blog.

Modern Classics-Vol1.No.1  
The first cover today is from Modern Classics publishers.They seem to have published quite a few comics under the 'Boyhood Legends Of Superman' series.This is the very first issue of the series and could also be the very first issue from the Modern Classics stable.Presenting Vol.1 No.1 published in 1987.

  The next two covers come from Spectrum comics which germinated from the Times of India stable in 1985 and sadly, withered away pretty soon thereafter.Physical copies of these comics are pretty hard to find in present times.Luckily for me,I stumbled upon a bunch of these comics quite recently and I am pleased to share a couple of interesting covers from that bunch in this special post.

Dennis The Menace-June,1986.
  Not many people know that the mischievous yet lovable,cute and cuddly Dennis was published by Spectrum.The story is titled 'Birthday Boy'.This is Spectrum Issue No.20

Arak Son Of Thunder-February,1986.

  A native American Superhero of whom I had not heard of before until I stumbled upon this issue.The cover looks captivating and so does the story titled,'The Sword And The Serpent'.This is Spectrum Issue No.11.

                            BIG FUN Bubble Gum-Cricket Cards  
   Since this is a special 50th post,apart from the comics, I wish to present another nostalgia triggering item from the past.Big Fun bubble gums were a rage in India during the 1980's and 1990's but suddenly vanished from the face of the earth in the early 2000's.They were popular not only for their syrupy flavor and a captivating wrapper but mainly for the cricket collectibles which came along with the Gums.First were the paper wrappers around the bubblegum itself which contained pictures of cricketers and contained Runs for Batsmen and Wickets for Bowlers.Then,as the new millennium neared,the wrappers evolved into full blown,attractive cards which contained a cool picture of a cricketer in the front and vivid statics of that respective cricketer in the rear of the card.I preserved both the wrappers and the cards right from my childhood before losing the prized wrappers to a termite attack.The cards, which are from a more recent (1999-2000) period have stood the test of time and its my pleasure to share a few of them with you today.Hope you guys like them and please do share your memories about this awesome bubblegum.

Sachin Tendulkar

Lance Klusener

Courtney Walsh

   And Thats it guys! hope you have enjoyed the 50th post special.I have not come across the covers/cards posted here anywhere else on the net so far (Pls correct me if I am wrong).I wanted this post to contain unique and never before seen pictures on the net and hope I have done that.
   Thanks for coming and please keep visiting and continue leaving your thoughts and suggestions! :)

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