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Friday 24 June 2011

Dolton Comics-Superman & Batman Vol.2 No.17

Presenting another Dolton cover.This issue was published on January 1st 1984.
These issues were published once every fortnight by Dolton.The earliest issue that I have is Vol.1.No.8 which was published on August 16,1982 and the most recent one I have is Vol.3 No.15 which was published on December 1st 1984.Considering that two issues were published every month between these two issues and taking into account the first seven issues(which I dont have),guess it would be safe to assume that atleast 63 comics were published by Dolton.If anyone has anymore information about the run of these comics,Please feel free to share.


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

The Dolton Comics with their Superman & Batman stuff never interested me probably because I was already entrenched in IJC & ACK and was beyond the age when you would be interested in starting on buying a new comic book. Also I think around that time, we were buying "Spectrum Comics", which was again being published by TOI. Didn't last long, but they had Spiderman, Dennis the Menace and Maodesty Blaise (Va Va Voom!!).

Long long ago.

Maverick said...

Good to hear from you again.Thanks for this piece of information.I was of the opinion that Spectrum never really commenced with its publication! :).I had seen some advertisements about spectrum comics,but never a comic.I did not even come across one in the old book stores or for that matter could not even catch a glimpse of one on the net.Hence thought that the publication never really took off.Great to know that you have actually read the comics from spectrum.

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