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Friday, 10 June 2011

Sun Comics-Axa Comic India-Vol.1 No.3

Presenting a Rare Axa comic published in India by Sun Comics which was based out of Delhi.
Looks like it was published sometime in the 1980's.I wonder how the reception must have been for this bold comic during that period of time.It has more than enough panels filled with topless and kissing pictures to stir up a rabid controversy even in this day and age in India.Any more information about this fascinating comic series and about the publisher will be greeted with a warm welcome.
More covers from this mind blowing comic series will be posted in the future.


PBC said...

This comics was printed in July 1982 in India - I'm sure.

This number was in my collection. I had impression that only 4 were printed in India.

However, I see 7th issue here:

Read about Axa:
About some orther publishers check:

Maverick said...

Thanks for the enlightening information and the links PBC.I actually have eight Axa comics published by Sun in my collection.The most latest one that I have is Vol.1 No.12.So i guess we can safely assume that there were atleast 12 Axa comics which were published by Sun in India.

Will be posting the other Axa covers soon

PBC said...

Not all numbers were Axa comics.

Have a look at these links:
1. V01N11 is Vikram Comics-
2. Another Vikram Comics (without cover)- TPH is reffering as 1978 version, but I Think that it was printed between 1982 to 1984.

Maverick said...

I have Vol.1No.10 and Vol.1No.12.Issue number 11 is missing.So it is possible that Sun published Vikram in issue 11.But that still does not answer the question as to how many Axa comics were published in total by Sun.Hopefully some member of the comic Universe will find out and document it soon :)

Btw,thank u very much for adding me to PBC's Blog Roll :)

Anonymous said...

Ihv the no 1 of axa comics with title(the rebels)pub in 1982 by sun comics

Maverick said...

@Anonymous-I have the first issue as well :) will be posting it soon.Do you Vol.1 No.11?

Anonymous said...

have u ever seen agame book on phantom wich was published from manchester u can see images of rare indrajal but the game book on phantom u will or should i say it is not even seen in internet i think u will see acover of indrajal no 1 but nota book like this,i can send u the images if u r intersted

Maverick said...

Hi Anonymous,
It really sounds like a very rare book.I searched for it on the net and just as you have mentioned,was not able to find any images of it :)
Of course!I will be interested in getting a glimpse of this rare gem:).You can mail it to also mention if you want the images to be posted in this blog.If so,they will be posted here with full credits to you.

Anonymous said...

ihav got d no 11of sun comic d no 10 was published as axa comic in d month of may 83 and d 11no was published in june 83 with d tiitle of(A VIKRAM STORY - THE AXARU ADVENTURE)

Maverick said...

Thank u for the information.That gives some clarity to the discussion.It increasingly looks like Sun did not have distinct numbering for each character and used the same progression of numbers for all characters.which means it will be difficult to gauge how many issues were released for a particular character.I have Vol.1 No.12 which was released in July 1983 titled the 'The Eager'

Anonymous said...

Did you know that there is an AXA mobile phone game, only released some months ago? It's a classic action-adventure and features some of Romero's original illustrations, but is a brand new episode of her adventures.

Take a look:

Maverick said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the AXA game.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested, there now is a cool trailer for the AXA mobile phone game. Have a look!

dopplerduck said...

Sun also published a huge Axa poster. I remember seeing it on walls of my friends' big brothers. I wasn't into my teens yet but when I did hit my teens I picked up a whole bunch of Axa comics and still have them.
Youngsters here might be surprised that there was absolutely no protests against Axa comics. In fact, there was a lot more openness then. This cultural constriction from the Right Wingers started only in the last decade and a half or so.

Maverick said...

@Dopplerduck ,Thanks for leaving your thoughts. I agree with you. Magazines and Comics from pre-1990 era definitely seem to have been more liberal than current times.

Interesting account of your tryst with Axa! Is the poster still on the wall of your friends' house? Would be nice to make a copy of it and have it on my wall too ;)

Arvind said...

I have a single Axa Comic. Vol 1 No 8.. printed March 83.
Called " AXA The Earth Bound" I would love to Add its cover pic but cant find a tool here on the coment box.
The same publishers ie Ramesh Gupta and Vishwa Bandhu Gupta published a mmagzine calle d "SUN" and it had some Axa Strips and most importantly an AXA POSTER. was all over my college hostel wall. now have only this one comic :( poster.

Maverick said...

@ Arvind- Thanks for sharing your memories of Axa comics. I have just added the cover image of 'The Earthbound'. In the future if you wish to have any rare comic covers from your collection to be published on this blog, please mail the images to and I will post them here with due credits to you.

I have never seen the legendary Axa poster so far. I am pretty sure it would be a feast to ones eyes! ;)

Pankaj said...

Hi! Actually I inherited a giant Axa poster from my father's stuff he wanted me to check and throw away in raddi. There were many giant posters alongwith it like Abba, Malcolm Marshal, Sugar Ray Leonard etc. This poster was in fact published in two parts in two separate issues of Sun and you had t join both the parts to make one large colour giant-size poster. The Sun magazine then was the size of a newspaper of today. I continues subscribing to Sun till 1986 and then lost track. I have never seen a comic of Axa but was thrilled to see many issues on this blog. Any possibility I can own an Axa comic? Thanks!

Maverick said...

Hi Pankaj,

Than you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am glad that this blog is stimulating such nostalgic recollections in the mind of its visitors :)

Please get in touch with me at

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