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Saturday 24 May 2014

Keep Busy Comics - Dovey - Adventures of Dovey

Presenting another interesting cover from a rare Indian Publication. This time it is Keep Busy Comics. This particular comic was their first ever issue and was released to coincide with the 1987 Reliance Cricket World Cup which  was held in India and Pakistan.

A Teaser for a subsequent issue

The storyline itself is pretty simple and features a Peace loving Dove called as Dovey as the central character. Dovey resides in the clouds and appears on Earth from time to time to vanquish hatred from the hearts of the people and spread Peace among them. In this story, Dovey plays guardian angel to a kid named Anik, who is targeted by an evil hawk named Chonchi, the arch enemy of Dovey!

Dovey also has special interest in Cricket and it is reflected in the comic Logo, which states 'Cricket for Peace'. This comic was published in May 1987

Rani Comics - Phantom - Ragasiya Poilice 000

Presenting the cover of the landmark  issue, which marked the first ever appearance of The Phantom in Rani comics. This was Rani comic No.141 and was published during the summer of 1990 (Month of May to be exact!). The comic is titled 'Ragasiya Police 000', which literally translates as 'Secret Police 000' in English

Sunday 18 May 2014

Gems Bond Adventure Series- Gems Bond & The Roller Coaster Of Doom

Presenting another rare Indian comic cover from yesteryear. This time its Gems Bond, an unpretentious inspiration from the more famous James Bond created by Ian Fleming. Cadburys India have always been innovative in their quest for making the colorful sugar coated chocolate pebbles more appealing to the kids of this country. We all know of the Pandas that come along free in Ball shaped Gems Containers now,  but the Kids of the 90's had a Gala time reaping the promotional freebies which used to accompany a pack of Gems as well. From Stickers, Frisbees and Rocket Shaped Boxes, there was always something new that came home with Gems. Infact, the Rocket Shaped boxes were so popular at one time that kids started taking them to school using them as Pencil boxes and not surprisingly, the kid who had one was the envy of the rest of the class!

Gems Bond came in a long line of marketing themes and campaigns which were created for the brand from the late 80's to mid 90's. It primarily revolved around Television Commercials which comprised of an animated clip featuring the Character 'Gems Bond' who saves the day by using the power which he seemingly derives by popping in the gems candy, with each colored pebble giving him a particular power (The powers which correspond to each color can be seen on the rear cover of the comic presented here). Recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon these commercials on Youtube, the links to which are presented below.





The following image is a Gems Bond Advertisement from the late 1980's which I found in an issue of LM Comics Disney Today

For a long time, I was under the impression that the TVC's and print advertisements were the only marketing tools which were used around the 'Gems Bond' theme. Hence once gain, it was a  pleasant surprise when I came across a Gems Bond comic few years back in a second hand book shop. Although the covers are damaged, I am happy presenting this rare gem on this blog!

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