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Sunday 7 September 2014

Chitra Rath Comics - Serach Light on Statue Thieves

Presenting a rare cover of a lesser know comic publishing house called as 'Chitra Rath Comics'. The story is centered around a gang of thieves who steal antiques from Indian museums and sell them to foreign dealers.The protagonist is a young journalist/science researcher called Damal who after badly injuring his right hand in an accident makes use of a prosthetic steel claw which he develops in his own research lab.One day when he wears the steel claw he feels an electric shock which renders his invisible with only the claw being visible. Thus begins the story of a vigilante who fights the criminals using the special powers bestowed upon him by the steel claw.

Not much is known of the publishers or the publishing history of Chitra Rath comics.Details present in this comic indicate that the comic was published out of Kolkata sometime in 1988.This is Vol.1.No.2.

If you have anymore information regarding this comic series, please feel free to share.

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