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Sunday 19 June 2011

Chandamama-June 1971

Presenting a rare Chandamama published in June 1971


HojO said...

Thanks.Plz post all your Falcon's covers!
I love these posts more than the comic-posting,as we have read enough!That's why I also try to post as much as informative posts on covers/publication history etc and yes,discussion of stories.First it was by some Bengali fan and now your blog that triggers my nosralgia buds much more,as even 2 months ago I was only 1 blogger who wish discussion on comics etc.!

HojO said...

PS - If you won't mind,may I request you to change the comment set-up from this 'on-page' one to 'pop-up' mode from setting??The former one is currently disturbing a hell lot for comment posting through google a/c(hence I've posted from name/url that not safe!)

Maverick said...

Thanks for your comments.Will post the rest of the falcon comics soon.I had posted the first 20 tinkles at one stretch and thought that people might have found it a bit monotonous.Hence,mixing up the comics that I post.
As far as the comment settings is concerned,I will make the changes.I was hoping that many more visitors would give their suggestions to make my blog more presentable to them.Haven't received much so far.Thanks for your suggestion.

HojO said...

@Maverick:Not much response you got 'cos most want comic-scans but don't have much ineterest for discussions on various topic incld. pub. history/cover arts & stories!This IS indeed sad!:(
For instance,whenever I post some comic-links,I see 100++ d/ls immediately after 4-5 days but hardly any comments!

I'm an active member of 'Australian phantom Forum' since 2007 and there you'll see Phans are actively posting comments/thoughts without EXPECTING any scans!!
That's the reason why I've formed a forum on Comics(Indrajal Forum) where all kind of comic-related stuffs(Indrajal & beyond) can be discussed incld. all Indian/Foreign publishers!There are as much as 38 members but only few are active!(you will see hell lot of posts have been 'viewed' but only few comments 'cos majorly don't give much importance on these!) :(

If you have a desire for discussion,feel free to join and post in your choices!Topics need to be on "comic realted stuffs",irrespective of Indrajal or not!

here's that URL:

Maverick said...

Thanks Hojo.will join your forum.

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