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Saturday 25 June 2011

Marvel Comics/Brijbasi-Barbie Fashion-Issue No.1

Presenting the first issue of  Barbie comics from Marvel published in India.This landmark issue hit the stands in April 1993 and was printed by Brijbasi Printers Pvt.Ltd based out of New Delhi.This comic series was a fortnightly.This issue is the only one that I have in my collection and anymore information about this series will be greatly appreciated.


HojO said...'s another unknown Indian comic series!Thanks for the cover.
Can you mention the heroes/characters they had published in this title??

Maverick said...

Any information that I have about this series from this single issue that I possess.Unfortunately there is'nt much information in this issue.No promos or advertisement for forthcoming issues or any other character that this publication house might have launched.I can see two more comics from this series listed on Ebay though.So,I guess it is safe to assume that atleast three comics were published in this series.

Kunal M Shah said...

I have 3 issues of these... 1 2 and 3... all barbie

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