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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Falcon Comics-Beetle Bailey No.?

Presenting a rare Beetle Bailey comic after a long time. Published by Falcon comics,this issue came out in 1983. Earlier I had uploaded the cover image of Issue No.5 in this series. Intriguingly, this issue does not have a number either on the cover or inside on any of the pages.Does this mean,this was the first Issue of the Beetle Bailey series? What do you think people?


Subin Jameel said...

good evening Maverick..

unfortunately this isn't the 1st issue..but I'm surprised this falcon comics has no number.

I'll send you a picture of the first issue which I have...

Maverick said...

Good Evening Subin.Yeah, if this is not the first issue,then it is strange that it has no number.

Thanks for offering to send across the cover image of the first issue.Looking forward to seeing it :)

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