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Sunday 14 April 2013

Spectrum Comics-The Amazing Spiderman-The Absconding Outlaw

Presenting another rare spectrum comic cover.This time, it is the Amazing Spider-man.This is Spectrum Issue No.15 and was published in March 1986.


HojO said...

I don't have a single Spectrum Comics - a sister publication of Indrajal Comics - and where some of my favorite heroes(Spider,Modesty etc) were appeared.So I used to miss these a lot until I d/led some from Ramesh's blog.The printing was awful and specially unthinkable as those were came from ToI itself!!

Still,as you got plenty of these,may you confirm whether all issues had such coloring or some got decent one??

HojO said...

Between I would request you to post some Tamil Indrajal covers' here!

Maverick said...

@Hojo-I just did a quick check.I have around 15 spectrums and all of them have similar type of printing.Its hard to understand why TOI decided to keep the printing for spectrum this way.We always have the liberty to speculate and one theory could be that they wanted to distinguish spectrums from the other publications from their stable.That might explain the smaller size of the comic itself when compared to Indrajal for example.

As far as Tamil Indrajals go,I have just one Indrajal in Tamil and I have already posted its cover in this blog.Its a massive mystery as to where all the Tamil Indrajals have disappeared from Chennai.Anyways I have substantial number of early Rani comics and I will start posting more of their covers soon.

HojO said...

Did any other characters were introduced in Spectrum apart from Modesty/Dennis/Spider/Barbarian??

And about Tamil Ijcs,it's sad to hear!Over the years,I become more fascinated about those local Ijcs over English,as those are rarer!Do you have any other Indian language version of Ijc??Apart from my regular Bengali issues,till date I got only Hindi!

Maverick said...

@Hojo-The spectrums I have include characters such as Modesty Blaise,Arak Son Of Thunder,Spiderman and Dennis the Menace.There are also a couple of comics on 'The heart of Juliet Jones' and 'The Legion of Superheroes'.There are a couple of advertisements which list out the main characters in their roster and it includes Jonah Hex as well.

As far as regional Indrajals go,The solitary Tamil Indrajal is the only non-english indrajal that I have.

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