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Sunday, 7 September 2014

AFI Series -Private Detective RIP Kirby-Case Of The Card Sharper Who Dealt To Lose

Presenting another rare comic cover.This one was published by Mumbai based AFI comics in the early 1970's. This is issue No.102


HojO said...

how many AFI Rip u have?? and any idea about their other heroes and how long they survived??

Maverick said...

HI Hojo,

I have around 15 different AFI titles, of which 5 would be Rip Kirby and the rest would be Cisco Kid and Phil Corrigan.

mtom said...

i love the Bazooka of Megatron, i don’t understand why they did not include it on the movie’ Detectives privados en Madrid

Charlotte W. said...

Hi, I appreciate your writing. We're a team of Private investigations in Queensland, Australia. Thanks, Charlotte

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